'Selling Dewsbury-Hall will be a bitter pill to swallow'

Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall of Leicester City holds the Championship trophy
[Getty Images]

I was saddened to hear that Leicester City might be made to sell Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall, their player of the year last season.

He is a quality footballer with great vision and he is just coming to the peak of his career. There are plenty of clubs out there who would snap him up.

Clearly Leicester would prefer not to sell him, but the Premier League's spending rules might mean they have little or no choice. This is a bitter pill to swallow for Leicester fans, on top of the probability of being docked points even before the season starts.

Many fans find VAR the most annoying thing in football but, out with diving cheats getting away with their scandalous pathetic sham antics, financial rules randomly being imposed on Premier League teams have really got me.

They are spoiling the dream more than anything.

The rules were supposed to help teams compete but it is having the opposite effect on everyone. Unintended consequences of what seem to be honest and well-intentioned ideas are football's Achilles' heel.

We may also have the prospect of the Independent Football Regulator idea being reheated in the UK. This is another well-intentioned concept that, if I'm honest, I now mostly wish would go away.

Politicians meddling in football has so many hidden dangers and I am truly concerned about its long-term effects on the game, however well-intentioned initially.

Pat Nevin was writing for the BBC Football Extra newsletter