Selfie Kid explains why he was glued to his phone during Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl halftime show

You Win Internet

On Super Bowl Sunday, major moments are bound to happen — and yesterday was no exception. The New England Patriots were defeated by the underdog team, the Philadelphia Eagles; P!nk caused a stir just before her national anthem performance; Justin Timberlake gave an electric half time show.

But in all the excitement of the day, one random kid became an internet sensation by change. Before yesterday, Ryan McKenna was your average 13-year-old middle schooler — today he’s a superstar thanks to Justin Timberlake. The singer made his way into the crowd at the end of his halftime performance, and chose Ryan for the selfie that broke the internet.

Viewers immediately began dissecting the moment. One Twitter user noted, Ryan was more than prepared for the selfie that would change his life.

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Others seemed to note how awkward the ordeal was. Ryan did seem a bit confused by the commotion.

But a real mystery emerged from the footage: why, with millions of eyes on him, was Ryan glued to his phone? Twitter had some theories.

Turns out, the Selfie Kid’s phone was malfunctioning. Ryan told Good Morning America that right after he took the now famous selfie with Justin Timberlake, his phone shut off! “So I had a video going, and my phone shut off,” he told the morning show. “That’s why I was on my phone, and I love him. He’s like my favorite singer and I had to get the selfie with him.”

What terrible timing! But hey, at least Ryan got a photo before his phone died.

While the Selfie Kid made major headlines today, another man from the photo grabbed the internet’s attention. Viewers noticed that someone behind Ryan and JT was holding two phones. Cue the reactions when fans realized it was former Philadelphia Eagles player, Freddie Mitchell.

One moment, two memes. It certainly doesn’t get much better than that!

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