Self-proclaimed ‘everyday man’ Frankie Edgar surprised by UFC Hall of Fame announcement

TORONTO – Frankie Edgar had the heart of a champion.

A former lightweight champ, Edgar this past weekend was announced to be part of the UFC Hall of Fame Class of 2023, as he will be inducted into the modern wing this summer. Edgar (24-11-1 MMA, 18-11-1 UFC), who was in attendance for the announcement during UFC 297 in Toronto, said the announcement caught him by surprise.

“I had no idea, honestly,” Edgar said backstage during UFC 297. “I definitely didn’t anticipate this at all. No one kind of tipped me off or anything. This was a big surprise.”

Edgar competed in three different weight classes throughout his career, starting as an undersized lightweight. But that didn’t deter Edgar, who was able to dethrone B.J. Penn to become the UFC’s 155-pound champion in April 2010.

From his three wins over Penn to his wars with Gray Maynard, and his big wins over Chad Mendes and Yair Rodriguez, Edgar defied the odds numerous times, and he takes pride in that.

“I’m like the everyday man,” Edgar said. “I’m not a big guy, I’m not the strongest guy, fastest guy, but I found a way to win through heart and determination. I always left it in there. That’s probably the thing that I want people to walk away with. I never went into a fight thinking I was going to lose because I prepared the correct way and always put my 100 percent into every fight.”

If Edgar has any advice for aspiring champions, it’s self-belief.

“Believe in your preparation, believe in yourself,” Edgar said. “Confidence is a stain that can’t be wiped off. If you’re a confident dude, you can do anything in this world.”

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie