Segway’s SuperScooter GT Series is a high performing 2-wheeled scooter

Segway’s SuperScooter. The GT Series from Segway is a high-performance 2-wheeled scooter. Designed for the thrill-seeker who wants more speed on their adventures. Segway’s SuperScooter GT Series comes in 2 options GT1 and GT2. The GT2 is the performance varient with a top speed of 43.5 mph, and a 0-30 mph time of 3.9 seconds. When fully charged the 2-wheel drive GT2 has a range of 55.9 miles. The GT1 has a 0-30 mph time of 7.5 seconds and a top speed of 37.3 mph. With 43.5 miles of range when fully charged. GT1 starts at $2,999 and $3,999 for GT2. Learn more at

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