Seemingly everyone is rooting for the Baltimore Ravens to beat the Kansas City Chiefs

Success is a funny thing, especially when it comes to competitive leagues such as the NFL. Everyone loves an underdog story but not everyone likes to see incredibly sustained success, as we witnessed during the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick era. With Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid reaching their sixth straight championship game, the resentment is bound to follow. It doesn’t help that the Chiefs have found themselves in the spotlight multiple times with the arrival or Taylor Swift and the likes of Jackson Mahomes continuing to create headlines.

If we spend any amount of time on the football side of social media it is becoming clear that the vast majority of fans have become big Lamar Jackson fans over the last week. With memes ranging in comedic value scattered across the confines of sports twitter. The Baltimore Ravens aren’t necessarily underdogs going into this matchup given most people view them as the best team in the entire NFL and they are the number one seed in the playoffs, but the recent history of Patrick Mahomes tells you that to count Kansas City out of this game would be a fools errand.

It’s always fun to see which teams fans will temporary pick up and root for once their own team has been eliminated from contention, and this year shows a replica of the New England Patriots’ dynasty era in so many ways. Win or lose on Sunday the Chiefs are currently in a dynasty, and the fans are going to be rooting against them every step of the way as history begins to repeat itself.

Story originally appeared on Touchdown Wire