Seek value with Jeremiah Estrada and other fantasy baseball pickups

Yahoo Fantasy analyst Scott Pianowski recommends three waiver wire pickups for fantasy baseball managers this week.

Video Transcript

Scott POWs Yahoo Fantasy Baseball giving you three pickups to consider for your roster today between the hedges.

How about Jeremiah Estrada in San Diego doing really good work in that bullpen, his ear and whip too good to be true.


He's striking up 45% of the batters he's facing.

That's ridiculous.

He's currently on a 10 strikeout streak and starting to get more high leverage work in that San Diego bullpen, he could be second in line for saves.

He'll get a few wins, somebody to massage those ratios for you.


Like what Nick Gonzalez is doing in Pittsburgh, middle midfielder, former first round pick hitting for a plus average, a little bit of power, a little bit of speed.

All of his hard hit metrics are pinned to the right.

So he's making his own good luck.

He also has a really high sprint speed score so that could lead to more stolen bases down the road.

We're always looking for pitching help.

Why is Ryan weather?

So under roster, the lefty has five straight quality starts for Miami 27 strikeouts, five walks over that period and he's making his good fortune as well.

He's getting more chases this year.

He's also getting more swings and misses in the zone.

So he's getting better to swing at his pitch.

And when he has to come in the zone, they're not hitting in any way.

Ryan weathers needs more attention, doing fine work in this Miami rotation.