Will we see a seismic shift at RB this offseason? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

Yahoo Sports’ Matt Harmon and Dalton Del Don explain why there’s a good chance we see a lot of RB movement in the offseason, including what the Saints decide to do with Alvin Kamara.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: The way it's stacking up right now, like let's say Kamara gets released by the Saints, so he's in this free agent pool. Josh Jacobs, Saquon Barkley, Miles Sanders, Tony Pollard, Jamaal Williams, even like guys like Raheem Mostert and David Montgomery, Devin Singletary, Kareem Hunt, like, and then there's supposed to be like Robinson, the back in the draft, whatever, it's supposed to be some good running backs coming out of the draft.

This feels like a potential nightmarish like fantasy offseason from the running back position. Like, there's a lot of, and we know the market for running backs always tough in the free agent situation. Like, I think the Giants got to find a way to bring Saquon back. I think the Raiders got to try to find a way to bring Josh Jacobs back. But let's say they don't, like I think we could be looking at a like potentially seismic type of shift in the offseason at the running back position. And Kamara could be one of those guys as well.

DALTON DEL DON: Yeah, 28 years old, and like you said, legal issues, so totally make sense for them to move on. Although some teams, when they do that, they usually run those players into the ground before letting them walk, and they're not, certainly not doing that with him around the scoring area.

But yeah, it's been frustrating for fantasy managers, and next year, I don't, I don't know, running, I mean, did we expect him to bounce back? It's not really the position that occurs at age 28. So he better come at a significant discount at draft tables, you know, regardless of the suspension looming or not. But you're right. The running back is just as sketchy as ever, and with all those free agents, it's going to be another crapshoot at draft tables.