See it: Eli Manning shades Tom Brady in epic Pro Bowl rap battle

Eli Manning, head coach of the 2024 NFC Pro Bowl team, dissed NFL legend Tom Brady in a rap battle with Supa Hot Fire.

Manning is obviously much more than just a head coach in the 2024 Pro Bowl but this past weekend that was his main role. As part of the festivities, he engaged in a rap battle with Supa Hot Fire, a known internet rapper.

Manning gave a memorable bar in which he dissed his most notable opponent, Brady.

The New York Giants legend did not cap as he defeated Brady and the New England Patriots twice in the Super Bowl (being one of two quarterbacks ever to defeat Brady on the biggest stage). As a means of winning the rap battle, he mimicked the style of Supa Hot Fire’s iconic video from over 10 years ago.

While Manning is far from the GOAT (and not the best quarterback in his family) he did have an outstanding career. He’s a two-time Super Bowl MVP, has earned four Pro Bowl nominations, and finished his career top 10 in passing yards and touchdowns.

However, the defining moments of his career definitely come in the Super Bowl. In both games, Manning outdueled the GOAT finishing with a higher passer rating.

The first matchup saw Manning finish with 255 passing yards, two passing touchdowns, and a 87.3 passer rating to Brady’s 266 passing yards, one passing touchdown, and 82.5 passer rating. Not only did Manning finish with the better stats he also was able to defeat the 18-0 Patriots and make arguably the most famous play in Super Bowl history with his game-saving pass to David Tyree which led to a game-winning touchdown to Plaxico Burress.

Four years later, in 2012, Manning bested Brady again, finishing with 296 passing yards, one passing touchdown, and a 103.7 passer rating to Brady’s 276 passing yards, two passing touchdowns, and 91.1 passer rating.

Without Manning and the Giants, Brady would have finished with nine Super Bowls. making the former beloved by a majority of the league.

Story originally appeared on Giants Wire