Secret ingredient to brownies is… beans?

What happens if you make brownies with beans?

Video Transcript

KATIE MATHER: Do black beans belong in brownies? According to an otherwise very nice-looking grandmother on TikTok, yes they do. Apparently you can substitute the eggs and oil that you mix in with any boxed brownie mix with a can of black beans. Babs on TikTok swears quote, "Nobody will ever know." But I will know and I think that's really disgusting.

It's very straightforward how to make these. Get any boxed brownie mix, forgo the eggs and oil, and blend a can of black beans. Babs also recommends 3 tablespoons of coffee in the blender with the black beans before you blend it all up, and then 1/2 a cup of coffee again when you are mixing everything together in the bow.

We're just going to look at what the texture looks like, how it tastes, how it smells at the end of this journey, and see if this is even worth it. Fresh out of the oven, we have our black bean brownies. They look like regular brownies. Here we go, black bean brownie. The moment of truth. Do these taste like regular brownies?

Oh my God. These taste like regular-- this is so weird. I mean, these are really good. These are good. Even though I made them and there's black beans in here, could this be the first Tried It video that's gone well for me?

[INAUDIBLE] it's a sludgy pie. Oh my God, that's not at all what I thought I was going to drink. Maybe. These are really, really good. I wish I had a glass of milk right now. I'm going to eat a whole-ish pan of brownies. Holy [BLEEP]. Wow. That grandmother on TikTok was right. I never thought I'd be saying that.