Any second thoughts for USC making the choice to join the Big Ten in 2022?

It’s true that it hurts to see the Pac-12 die. USC and UCLA, by choosing to go to the Big Ten on June 30, 2022, changed college sports and the national map in a big way.

With the move to the Big Ten now just months away from being official, are there any second thoughts? Some of the viewers of our USC YouTube show at The Voice of College Football are still upset USC is going to the Big Ten.

Should USC have acted differently? No.

It’s not USC’s fault the Pac-12 did a bad job of providing for the Trojans and protecting USC.

We wrote this three and a half years ago in 2020:

Pac-12 football scheduling has been a disaster under Scott. The SEC, Big Ten, and Big 12 wouldn’t dream of inconveniencing their foremost football schools, but the Pac-12 scheduled USC on Friday night road games early in the season after tough contests. USC didn’t get idle weeks after tough non-conference games. Amateur-hour errors put USC in a position to fail. That lack of attention to detail in football is unacceptable, and it hurt the Pac-12 — not just the Trojans — on a national level.

“Pac-12 television partners would run truck races to pre-empt significant Pac-12 football games. Other Pac-12 games wound up on Fox Business Channel.”

We discussed this topic in greater length on our show at The Voice of College Football:

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire