For the second offseason in a row, Roy Hibbert is quietly training with Tim Duncan

It’s often lost in the stupid, silly staged daytime television “arguments” about LeBron James spending summertime workouts with Kevin Durant, but two of the NBA’s most important and pivotal players are in the midst of working out for the second summer in a row.

Tim Duncan, the future Basketball Hall of Famer that led the San Antonio Spurs to within a game of the NBA title last June, is currently working out with Roy Hibbert, the center that led his Indiana Pacers to within a game of those NBA Finals just a few weeks before. Hibbert is a must-follow on Twitter for various reasons, but for the bulk of the offseason months he is notoriously prolific with his workout updates, often posting Vines or pictures to let Pacer fans know that he and fellow Pacer center Ian Mahinmi (pictured below) are not taking his time off lightly.

Or, to diss those that choose to equate goofball and defense-less pro-am games with actual improvement. From Hibbert’s account, via

Now, any writer that lays down a “Pacers vs. Spurs” prediction for the 2014 NBA Finals should not be laughed out of the room. The Pacers have improved considerably on the roster that gave Miami all it could handle last spring, and the defending conference champion Spurs are one of several teams from the West that should have just about an equal chance at representing their conference. All while LeBron and Durant’s teams have taken a step back in terms of talent over this offseason.

And here we have the two most important members of each team, some ten months before they could potentially line up to tip center in Game 7 of the 2014 Finals, banging away in the Spurs’ practice facility. And as you should, you’ll hear nothing but praise for the two. And without bothering to research myself (that would involve me turning on that miserable show), I doubt Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith have uttered a word on the subject.

Consider that if James and Durant met for a quick game to 21, win by two, on Tuesday? Wipe the NFL from the top of the storyboard, Skip and Screamin’ would go at it all over again.

Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a live stream of Duncan and Hibbert playing one on one to watch. Considering their defensive acumen, a game to 21 (win by two) might take a good 21 hours to finish.