Would SEC consider addressing a league-wide drug policy?

Anthony Dasher, Editor
GA Varsity

USA Today

HOOVER, Ala. – With student athlete drug policies varying from school to school, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey was asked about the possibility of the league adopting some sort of unilateral plan.

Maybe one day.

“We’ve gone through that discussion three or four times in my almost 15 years here, in our schools, including us looking at developing what the framework of that plan may be,” Sankey said during Monday’s session at SEC Media Days. “Our schools have not, in majority, supported adopting a policy at the conference level, but part of my expectation is that will at some point be a conversation because we’ve had so much turnover in personnel that is’ now asked with more frequency in meetings. And from a staff standpoint, we’ve prepared for that conversation.”

When that might be, Sankey couldn’t say.

Under current rules, each school sets its own policy regarding testing for drugs and the punishments that result from positive steps.

Georgia’s policy is considered one of the strictest in the SEC, with first-time offenders facing a suspension for a positive test.

“As I mentioned, having a student-athlete working group, that may be an agenda item we assign there,” Sankey said. “I wouldn’t predict when other than it will be another agenda item at some point is my anticipation. But keep in mind, our schools make the determination. And hidden in my reference is the changing personnel, I think, probably prompt that discussion in the future."

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