Seattle Seahawks' GM John Schneider addresses QB Russell Wilson's future

Aaron Fentress
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An unsubstantiated and, from the Seattle Seahawks' perspective, vicious rumor popped up about a week ago that quarterback Russell Wilson would prefer to play for the New York Giants rather than sign a new contract with his current team that drafted him in 2012, he has won a Super Bowl with and has carved out the early makings of a Hall of Fame career.

Wilson has one year remaining on his current deal so he won't be going anywhere this offseason, unless he were to be traded and that's highly unlikely. Nevertheless, the rumor had enough legs to warrant a question to Seattle general manager John Schneider, who appeared before the media today at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, Ind.

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Schneider was asked point blank if he believes that Wilson is committed to Seattle long term.

"I don't have any other reason to believe that other than, like, website rumors and stuff like that," Schneider told reporters. 

And that was that. Prior to that question, Schneider was asked about Wilson's contract, which will expire after next season. 

"We've been in communication with his agent, Mark (Rodgers)," Schneider said. "I'm sure we'll continue to talk. There are some guys that are unrestricted free agents right now, so we try to work through that process."

Seattle would have reason to accelerate the process with Wilson if it believes the rumors to be true. They are, at least, plausible.


The chatter started when radio host Colin Cowherd stated, in so many words, that Wilson's wife, music star Ciara, would prefer to live in media Mecca such as New York rather than Seattle. That is not at all implausible. 

Wilson didn't seek to sign a long-term deal last year but Seattle has control for up to four years with franchise tag options that would pay Wilson a ton of money, but also would keep him in Seattle if he balked at a new long-term deal. 

Wilson's current contract was for $87.6 million over four years. At the time, those numbers were huge, but as is the norm in the NFL, the quarterbacks that came up up next for deals signed contracts that surpassed Wilson's.

That's just life in the NFL. Wilson will make up for that in his next contract. And guess what, quarterbacks signed after that would get more than Wilson signed for. 

Even if Ciara would prefer to live in New York that doesn't mean Wilson should force a deal to the Giants. He doesn't seem like he is that type of person. Plus, this power couple has enough money to establish homes in multiple states and could spend most of the offseason together in New York and the season in the Seattle area, if Ciara really wants to be in the Big Apple. 

It would be shocking to ever see Wilson playing in any other uniform while in his prime. 

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