Seattle news station reported Vikings beat the 49ers... they didn't

Peter Socotch

Oh no... Someone forgot to load the teleprompter correctly.

Q13, a news station in Seattle, mistakenly reported during their 9pm newscast Saturday night that the Minnesota Vikings beat the San Francisco 49ers earlier in the day, which of course, they didn't...

Anchor Hana Kim read the incorrect script. 


So, whoever wins tomorrow will play the Minnesota Vikings. The next question is where. Today, the Vikings beat the 49ers to advance to the NFC Championship. The final score was 27 to 10. The Vikings win sets Seattle as a possible host of the NFC Championship game, but only if they beat the Packers tomorrow. So, we will see, we're keeping our fingers crossed. Go Hawks!

Even the lower third was incorrect! "Vikings win could mean NFC Championship," it read. 

The video highlights even showed the 49ers scoring a touchdown and celebrating. 

The substance was correct, if the Vikings had actually won. Seattle would have hosted a playoff game should they beat the Packers. But, the Vikings lost and the Seahawks won't host a playoff game no matter what.


*Editor's note: The original story misidentified Ali Bradley as the other anchor on the Q13 newscast. We have modified the story to remove Bradley's name. 

Seattle news station reported Vikings beat the 49ers... they didn't originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest