Sean Strickland vs. Bryce Hall? Ex-UFC champ turns attention toward another influencer

What do Jake Paul, Sneako, and Bryce Hall have in common besides being influencers?

Well, they’ve all become recent targets of former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland.

Friday, Strickland did hold back against Sneako in a sparring session that resembled more of an unofficial fight. Hours later, Strickland engaged in a war of words with Paul, complete with quasi-death threats.

Now, Hall is in the line of fire of Strickland’s violent fantasies after a sparring challenge was issued by the YouTube and TikTok star.

“It’s kind of f*cked up,” Hall recently told Inside Fighting when asked about Strickland’s beatdown of Sneako. “I would love to spar with Sean Strickland. … I think he is kind of degrading influencers who are trying to get into the fighting space.

“When you’re an experienced fighter, a former champion at that, you should never go into a spar with somebody that has little-to-no boxing experience and try to knock him out. Dana, set me up with Sean Strickland. I want to do a spar. I guarantee I would crack Sean Strickland. … He’d crack me, but I can crack.”

Check out the full genesis and evolution of the Strickland vs. Hall saga below.

Strickland takes aim

Hall accepts

Strickland prays for violence

Just hands

The stakes


'I'm going to take a piece of you'

Mutual combat research

Hall responds


Hall, 24, has a 1-0 record in pro bareknuckle boxing and an 0-1 record in traditional pro boxing. He is currently under contract with BKFC, though the exclusivity of the deal is unknown.

Strickland, 32, does not currently have a fight on the books as he’s less than one month removed from a UFC 297 title loss to Dricus Du Plessis.

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie