Sean Payton wants to make sure Broncos’ next QB doesn’t become a meme

Speaking at the NFL combine in Indianapolis last week, Denver Broncos coach Sean Payton acknowledged the team’s search for a quarterback.

“Yeah, we better,” Payton said when asked if he has embraced the idea of finding a solution at quarterback. “In this league — which is very competitive in our division — it’s vital.”

Payton then referenced a funny meme that he wants Denver’s next QB to avoid.

“I saw this humorous meme the other day where there’s a Broncos fan with a shirt on with like eight quarterback’s names crossed through them and he’s drinking the quarterback ‘Kool-Aid,’” Payton said. “Our job is to make sure this next one doesn’t have a line through it.”

Our best guess is that this is the picture Payton saw:

The above photo features 10 quarterbacks (11 if you count Kendall Hinton), but you can’t blame Payton for losing count.

The biggest takeaway from Payton’s comment is that he referenced the team’s “next” quarterback, all but confirming Russell Wilson was on his way out (news that is now official).

Drew Brees played 15 years with the New Orleans Saints under Payton. Broncos fans would love to land a QB with that kind of longevity in 2024.

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