Sean Payton says improved technology for spotting balls is coming

Josh Alper
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

Chiefs running back Damien Williams was ruled to have crossed the goal line for the go-ahead touchdown on a third-down play late in Super Bowl LIV after a review showed no conclusive evidence that the ball failed to break the plane.

Such a review would not have been necessary if the league used a chip in the ball to determine the spot and there are scores of other plays over the course of a season that could be handled quickly with the help of technology. Saints head coach Sean Payton is on the NFL’s Competition Committee and he believes that such a change “is coming, it’s coming.”

While speaking with Peter King for Football Morning in America, Payton said that he expects to see “the ball crossing the plane of the goal line, and the uprights flashing yellow, just like the shot clock in the NBA” as part of the game in the near future. That comes after a Super Bowl week appearance on PFT Live that featured Payton discussing the Saints’ use of technology for tracking their own players, which he called “a target and simple barcode system that helps you locate track and be more accurate.”

Whether Williams’ Super Bowl touchdown or Seahawks tight end Jacob Hollister‘s failed attempt to get into the end zone against the 49ers in Week 17, adopting such technology would take some guesswork out of some of the biggest moments in the game.

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