Sean Payton jokingly offered Drew Brees a job to coach Russell Wilson

Sean Payton has siphoned a lot of talent out of the New Orleans Saints after taking the Denver Broncos head coach job, so why not go after Drew Brees? He and Brees have remained close after stepping away from the black and gold, and Brees also shares a relationship with Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson as a mentor who has accomplished the goals Wilson is setting for himself.

After Payton went Denver, he says he jokingly offered Brees a job on the Broncos’ staff as thanks for all the advice he’s given Wilson.

“I coached Russell in the Pro Bowl,” Payton recalled while making the rounds on Radio Row ahead of Super Bowl LVII. “It’s a very small community where you get to know these guys. He lives really close to Drew in Del Mar, (Calif.). Drew said, ‘Russell is wearing me out.’ I said, ‘Drew we’re going to give you a little spot in the program. We’ll call you Senior Assistant of Del Mar.’ That’s where Drew lives.”

For his part, Brees has said he isn’t interested in coaching at this point in his career. He helped out his alma mater at Purdue in a pinch for their bowl game with LSU, but he values the time now available to him to spend with his wife and young children. So don’t expect Brees to be wearing Broncos blue and orange any time soon.

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Story originally appeared on Saints Wire