Sean Payton expects Courtland Sutton to attend Broncos’ mandatory minicamp

Denver Broncos wide receiver Courtland Sutton has been skipping the team’s organized team activities as he seeks a new contract.

Sutton, 28, is set to have a base salary of $13 million this season. ESPN recently reported that he would like to be paid in the $15-$16 million range.

So far, everything Sutton has skipped has technically been voluntary. After Tuesday’s practice session, Broncos coach Sean Payton was asked if he expects Sutton to attend mandatory minicamp next week.

“Yeah, I think he’ll be here for minicamp,” Payton said. “I mean, it’s mandatory. When I’ve been asked about Courtland — and I’m going to say this — man, I just know his work ethic. I know the player.

“There’s a list of things that race through your mind this time in the offseason as a head coach. And, respectfully when I say this to him — because he and I have talked — I think that will work itself out. So I think he’ll be here, yeah. But I don’t know that for sure.”

Payton was then asked if it’s a contract situation for Sutton.

“Well, it’s not that he doesn’t like our new uniforms,” the coach quipped.

If Sutton skipped all three days of minicamp, he would face up to $101,716 in fines. Payton did not want it to sound like a threat, but when asked if the receiver would be fined if he skipped mandatory minicamp, the coach indicated there’s no wiggle room.

“Don’t come away from this with, ‘He’s threatening to fine [him],'” Payton said. “It’s just the mandatory part of the offseason is the minicamp, and then training camp’s mandatory and there we go.”

Denver will hold mandatory minicamp from June 11-13. After that, players will get a summer break before training camp begins in late July.

Story originally appeared on Broncos Wire