Sean McVay calls 21-point loss to Bills ‘very humbling,’ says Rams ‘weren’t ready to go’

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Sean McVay is known for falling on the sword after Rams losses. He did that again on Thursday night after Los Angeles was blown out and embarrassed in the season opener against the Bills.

However, he can’t take all of the blame for the 31-10 loss. His quarterback didn’t play well, the defense allowed a 90% conversion rate on third down and the offensive line allowed seven sacks.

To sum up the night, McVay called it a “very humbling” loss. He said the Rams “weren’t ready to go,” putting that on himself for making poor decisions. While the coach is always somewhat to blame for a loss, this one mostly came down to poor play from the Rams’ top players.

Cooper Kupp was really the only marquee player who had a meaningful impact on the game – in a positive way, that is. Jalen Ramsey allowed a perfect passer rating in coverage, Matthew Stafford threw three picks and Aaron Donald only had two tackles.

The Rams did very few things well in this loss, and as the defending Super Bowl champs, it was exactly what McVay said: humbling. Fortunately, the Rams have the opportunity to bounce back against a team that’s projected to be one of the worst in football, the Atlanta Falcons.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire