Sean McDermott: Substitution penalty was "inexcusable"

Bills head coach Sean McDermott says there's no excuse for the way his team lost on Monday night.

After the Broncos' final offensive play, both teams rushed their special teams onto the field: The Broncos their field goal unit and the Bills their field goal block unit. The Broncos missed the game-winning field goal and the Bills appeared to have escaped with a 22-21 win, but the Bills were flagged for illegal substitution for having 12 players on the field. After the penalty, the Broncos made the field goal, and won 24-22.

McDermott said the Bills practiced that exact situation — rushing their dime defensive unit off the field and their field goal block team on the field — multiple times during the week leading up to the Broncos game.

"We practiced two or three times this week the substitution from dime to field goal block and at the end of the day we didn't execute it. So it's inexcusable," McDermott said.

The Bills seem to be a team that shoots itself in the foot too often, with turnovers and penalties derailing them and turning potential wins into losses. McDermott said after the game that the 5-5 Bills need to have "tough conversations" about what changes they're going to make going forward.