Sean McDermott: Bills prepared for more snow, will handle it if practice is affected

Yet another major snowstorm is forecast for Buffalo, with a lake effect snow warning in effect through Thursday evening. Bills coach Sean McDermott says his team is preparing for the possibility of snow affecting practice.

"I just left the game plan meeting and came in here to discuss that with some of our operations staff, just making sure we're on top of it," McDermott said. "We'll handle it, I'm confident in that, and the best thing we can do right now is just have great communication around it."

The Bills have not canceled any practices yet, but if that's necessary, McDermott said the team will deal with it and still be ready to play at home on Sunday against the Chiefs. It's possible that the weather will get bad enough that it's not safe for the players to drive to practice, in which case the team would call practice off.

Fortunately, the forecast indicates that there won't be the kind of severe weather this weekend that could result in the Bills' game being delayed for a second consecutive week. But whether the Bills have been able to get in a full week of practice remains to be seen.