Sean McDermott on Bills offense: ‘That’s what I’m used to seeing’

The Buffalo Bills have been off to an inconsistent start to their 2023 campaign, one that’s seen highs and lows, to say the least.

They’ve netted five signature wins that have, with the exception of a low-scoring last-minute victory against the Giants, looked the part in terms of their offensive potential.

It’s also seen some ugly losses to the Jets, Jaguars, and Patriots.

The team was looking to bounce back from their recent loss in New England and the offense was looking to find consistency and rhythm.

And they did just that against the Buccaneers on Thursday Night Football this week, as an up-tempo Bills offense won the day 24-18.

When he was asked about what point in the game he began to recognize what Tampa Bay’s defense was trying to do in terms of scheme and coverage, Buffalo QB Josh Allen was to the point. 

“I think pretty early,” Allen said during his postgame press conference. “I think our offensive line played extremely well tonight I think that they made their calls and we picked up a lot of the pressures that they were doing. So credit to our coaching staff for putting together a good game plan but ultimately the guys out there executed and I think we did a good job with that tonight so kudos to them and we need to give them their flowers too, I think I think they played really really well tonight.”

The Buffalo offense has at times looked on brand as the high-scoring Allen-led group they are expected to be following breakout success achieved in recent seasons.

Other times the group has struggled, leaving the media and fans alike scratching their heads as to why they have had difficulty with execution, and finding rhythm. Or why, at times since head coach Sean McDermott took charge of the team, that offensive unit has seemingly played down to the level of their opponents.

The head coach knows what his offensive group is capable of when they execute efficiently, and acknowledged that is what he saw in their game against Tampa Bay.

“That was what I’m used to seeing,” McDermott said to the press about the Bills offensive performance against on both Thursday night, noting that Allen “looked very comfortable. The offense looked very comfortable.”

“Probably the first time other than maybe in episodes of the Raiders game and then again [against] Miami, where it just looked like it was every play wasn’t an adventure.”

With the playoff picture poised to begin to take shape, the Bills still have the opportunities to win their division and to make the playoffs.

An opportunity that is not lost on their quarterback, who realizes the importance of each next matchup on the schedule in gaining ground and momentum toward the chance at a postseason stand.

“Everything that we want is still in front of us,” Allen added. “You don’t know you wish you were 8-0 at this point, you wish you were 7-1 you wish you were 6-2 and that’s the reality of is we’re 5-3, but we’re going to continue to take it one game at a time.”

Story originally appeared on Bills Wire