Sean Hannity Gets Brutally Rejected By Attorney For Moore Accuser


Sean Hannityjust got a rejection letter for the ages. 

A producer for hisFox Newsshow invitedGloria Deason, one of the women who have accused U.S. Senate candidateRoy Mooreof sexual harassment, onto the show. 

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The woman’s lawyer, Paula Cobia, fired back with a blistering responseposted on Twitter by’s Ed Krassenstein

“Please tell Sean Hannity that I would never submit a survivor of abuse to the inevitable on-camera bullying and persecution by him,” she wrote. 

She added: 

“Mr. Hannity has belittled, defamed and engaged in an on-air intimidation campaign against the victims of Mr. Moore. He is totally uninterested in discovering the truth.” 

She dismissed Hannity’sinfamous interview with Mooreas “lazy” and “softball,” and slammed him as “not known for journalistic integrity.” 

“He is merely seeking an opportunity to publicly attack and further defame Mr. Moore’s vulnerable victims,” she concluded. “Well that’s not happening. Not on my watch.” 

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This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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