Seahawks’ Tyler Lockett inspires the kids of Seattle1

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Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett is having one of the best statistical seasons of his career: leading his team in TDs and having just inked a 3 year contract extension, which will keep him in Seattle. But in his time away from CenturyLink, he’s working to inspire the kids of Seattle by helping them to understand that knowledge is power.

Lockett, the second subject in our NFL Hometown Heroes spotlight series, goes out of his way to help his adopted community in Seattle and to improve the lives of children. Last year, for example, he made an appearance at White Center Heights Elementary in Seattle to unveil the new playground for their Head Start program, which was funded through his DreamBuilders Foundation.

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“Being able to give back — whenever you touch somebody’s life — that’s big,” Lockett says. “it’s just a feeling that goes beyond any words.”

Lockett prioritizes creativity in his own life, using spoken word poetry as an emotional outlet. He wants children to have the confidence to create and express for themselves, which is why he partnered with Pizza Hut’s Book It program to donate 100 books to Destiny Middle School. We went behind the scenes with Lockett and Pizza Hut to get a first-hand look at how he has been helping young people in Seattle.

“Just being able to show your face and interact with [the kids], a high five can go a long way,” Lockett says

By collaborating with programs for children such as Book It, Lockett is making sure that literacy is a priority for the kids of Seattle, ultimately encouraging them to use knowledge to find empowerment. Through his local charitable initiatives, Lockett inspires the future generation to dream big and reminds them to always give back. That’s the spirit of a true hometown hero.

From Pizza Hut:
Tyler Lockett has a passion for serving the city of Seattle that extends beyond game day, working off the clock to spark schoolkids’ curiosity and creativity. Pizza Hut understands the importance of giving back to the next generation and has supported the BOOK IT program since 1984, which encourages reading in schools and reaches over 14 million students across the country each year. As the official pizza of the NFL, Pizza Hut is proud to share NFL Hometown Heroes, the inspiring stories of players like Lockett, who are stars on the field and in their communities.