Seahawks will travel the most miles in NFL… again

The official 2023 NFL schedule release is tomorrow, May 11th but fans of the Seattle Seahawks already know one thing: they will have to watch their team travel… a lot.

Yet again, the Seattle Seahawks will lead the entire league with most miles traveled at 31,600. For a second straight year, Seattle will lead the NFL in this dubious category. Naturally, this news is not going unnoticed by those who will actually have to travel these miles.

Wide receiver Tyler Lockett is of course referencing last year’s trip to Munich, Germany against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In 2022, the Seahawks traveled 29,446 miles. Even without a visit across the pond, Seattle increase their total mileage.

Ultimately, this should not be all that surprising, especially when looking at a map of which cities have NFL franchises. Like with most sports, the Seattle-based team is always the most geographically isolated. The Emerald City, comparatively speaking, is a bit of an outpost when it comes to professional sports.

Story originally appeared on Seahawks Wire