Seahawks tight end Noah Fant comments on Caitlin Clark cheap shots

The NFL may be king of the sports world, but right now the biggest story is Caitlin Clark and the rough treatment she’s been getting as a rookie in the WNBA. Picked No. 1 overall out of Iowa, Clark has brought unprecedented attention to the league and women’s basketball in general.

Not everyone is on the Caitlin Clark hype train, though – especially her competitors around the league. This cheap shot from Chennedy Jackson that’s gone viral is an example of what she’s been dealing with.

If you were to hit a quarterback like that after the whistle, you can bet a couple of offensive linemen will be in your face pushing back in a matter of seconds. So far none of Clark’s teammates have retaliated against players who have gone out of their way to body her, though.

Seahawks tight end Noah Fant wants to see those teammates step up and adopt an eye for an eye mentality to protect Clark.

Fant has the right idea. Until the Indiana Fever collectively send a message that cheap shots against Clark will be responded to in kind, this is likely to continue.

The treatment of Clark brings to mind how the NBA reacted to Michael Jordan and his arrival on the scene in 1984. For his first few years in the league the Pistons, Celtics and other eastern conference rivals made a habit of beating the hell out of him every time he drove to the basket – and the league’s stars froze him out socially at the All-Star game, as well. Jordan eventually earned their respect the only way you can – by beating them. While her teammates should protect her no matter what, eventually Clark will have to do the same.

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