Seahawks special teams unit ranked 6th for the 2023 season

Both the Seahawks offense and the Seaahawks defense performed under our expectations this season. Those are the main reasons why the team is now in the middle of their first head coach search in 15 years. One small silver lining is that they continued to perorm relatively well on special teams.

In Rick Gosselin’s annual special teams rankings, Seattle came in at No. 6 for the 2023 season, scoring 300 points. At the top of the list were the Texans, while the Rams were on the bottom. That’s the third straight year that the Seahawks have finished high on Gosselin’s list, a credit to the work of special teams coordinator Larry Izzo.

If we have one gripe with this group it’s the mediocre returns of DeeJay Dallas, whose hands and decision making should make him easy to replace next season with an upgrade at both kickoff and punt returner. Dallas’ continued presece on the roster may have been one example of Pete Carroll allowing his love of certain players and coaches to cloud his better judgment.

We haven’t heard much on Seattle’s head coach search yet, but if there are internal candidates under consideration you’d have to assume Izzo will be on the list. The news cycle should pick up soon as teams are eliminated and potential candidates to replace Carroll as head coach get vetted, one way or another.

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