Seahawks rookie RB Kenneth Walker’s success due to ‘style-wise’ shift

Seattle Seahawks running back Kenneth Walker III has had a stellar rookie season since his promotion to starter this year. His performance on Sunday was a major factor in Seattle’s win over the Rams. Walker finished the outing with 29 carries for 114 yards, his third contest in a row with over 100 yards logged the ground.

Coach Pete Carroll thinks he knows the secret to Walker’s recent success.

“I think in the last three weeks you’ve seen style-wise a shift a little bit,” Carroll said during his Monday radio show on Seattle Sports. “He made the adjustment we asked him to about hitting stuff and it’s just helping him, and that consistency brings out the best in our offensive line, too.”

Walker has now surpassed 1000 rushing yards on the year in just 15 games played. His Week-18 campaign was evidence the little tweak in his style is paying off in dividends.

“I thought he was really, really aggressive, man,” Carroll said. “I thought he was attacking everything. He looks so explosive. I was thrilled to see when I was looking at the film to see how explosive he looked this late in the season after run like this where he has had the ball a lot.

“He’s just getting warmed up.”


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Story originally appeared on Seahawks Wire