Seahawks QB Geno Smith leads the NFL in QBR since Week 13

Last year, Geno Smith shocked the world as the starter for the Seattle Seahawks. Many believed he would simply be a place holder until Drew Lock took over, but instead he proved himself to be a Pro Bowl caliber player.

Unfortunately, we have not seen that version of Geno Smith for large parts of the year. He hasn’t been bad, by any stretch of the imagination. But the first half of the season he was on the lower end of the league in terms of starting quarterback play.

But since Week 13, we’ve seen more of the Geno Smith we got so used to watching last year. Look at his comparative numbers over the last few weeks.

Granted, Smith did miss two games. One was against the 49ers, of which he did not fare so well against. But the other was against Philadelphia and their porous defense. It is not hard to imagine this version of Smith tearing apart the Eagles’ weak secondary.

Small sample size or not, Smith is playing the best football when it matters most. The Seahawks will need one more strong game from him if they want to avoid losing to the Arizona Cardinals to finish the season with a sub-.500 record.

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