Seahawks QB Geno Smith discusses the chip on his shoulder

The Seattle Seahawks have secured their quarterback for 2023 by re-signing Geno Smith. While Smith’s contract may be team friendly he will certainly be rewarded handsomely, with the potential to earn quite a bit more due to incentives.

However, don’t think Smith’s attitude is going to change with his newfound wealth. The Seahawks starter went on NFL Network to discuss his extension and how he will handle himself moving forward.

The Geno Smith story is truly remarkable, and why we love sports. Smith was a player widely regarded as a bust given his early years with the New York Jets, then bouncing around the NFL as a backup for years.

Now he is a bonafide Pro Bowler, a Comeback Player of the Year award winner, and back to being a starting quarterback in this league.

Seahawks fans will be happy to hear Smith will still be approaching the game as he always has.

Story originally appeared on Seahawks Wire