Will Seahawks pursue Jim Harbaugh?

Pete Carroll is out as coach of the Seahawks. Who will replace him?

How about Jim Harbaugh? A former Carroll "what's your deal?" nemesis, Harbaugh spent four years as head coach of the 49ers, playing the Seahawks twice per year — and three times in 2013.

If, as it appears, Carroll won't be hanging around as an "advisor," there will be no awkwardness if Harbaugh takes the job. And Harbaugh surely would love to face the 49ers twice per year as coach of the Seahawks.

Regardless, the Seahawks should take a close look at Harbaugh. They have the money to pay him. And they have one of the great fan bases in all of football. Harbaugh could take the team as it currently is and give it a kick in the ass, just as he did in San Francisco when he arrived 13 years ago.

Whatever the Seahawks do, they need to make a big splash. Harbaugh would count as a cannonball in the deep end.