Seahawks' Jefferson charges at fans after Seattle cheap-shots Jags' victory formation

Most days, the Seattle Seahawks are a wonder to behold, a team that can take (almost) any loss and flip it into victory. Sunday was not one of those days, and the Seahawks showed their ugly side in a hard-fought 30-24 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. On-field scuffles and off-field shouting matches with fans killed any good vibes from what had been a great game.

With 10 minutes left in the contest, the Seahawks were down 27-10. And then Russell Wilson went to work, drawing the Seahawks to within a touchdown. But Jacksonville, led by Blake Bortles (really) and Leonard Fournette, held on for the closing minutes … and that’s where the troubles began.

The Seahawks, led by defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson and defensive end Michael Bennett, tried to blow up the Jaguars’ victory formation. And since the Jaguars hadn’t gotten much of a chance to enjoy a victory formation prior to this season, the team took offense. In the ensuing scrum, Richardson threw a punch, and got himself ejected. Bennett drew an unnecessary roughness penalty, but remained in whatever was left of the game.

And then it all got even worse. Pete Carroll got himself an unsportsmanlike conduct for leaving the sideline. Quinton Jefferson got ejected, but on the way out of the stadium, began jawing with Jacksonville fans, one of whom threw something from the stands. Jefferson then attempted to go into the stands, but was stopped by security, and the fact that the seats were 7 feet up.

“I’m not going to let somebody disrespect me, throw a beer on me,” Jefferson told USA Today. “Just because I’m playing football, I’m still a human being. I’m still a man.”

Carroll didn’t sound too happy with Jags security over the pelting of objects at his player.

“He just kind of lost it,’’ Carroll said of Jefferson afterward, according to the Seattle Times. “Somebody poured a beer on his head walking out of the stadium or something. I told him that’s pro football. They pay to get in, they can do whatever they want I guess.’’

This one’s going to bring fines and suspensions. You can’t go climbing into the stands to beat up other fans, no matter how much you might want to. The Seahawks lost a whole lot more than one game Sunday.

Not ideal fan relations. (Via @JeffDarlington)
Not ideal fan relations. (Via @JeffDarlington)

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