Seahawks OL Rees Odhiambo hospitalized with heart contusion

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Seattle Seahawks left tackle Rees Odhiambo remains hospitalized on Monday morning, after complaining of trouble breathing following his team’s win over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night. After the game, reporters in the Seattle locker room tweeted that Odhiambo was laying on the floor with teammates and medical staff nearby; he was taken out on a stretcher.

It appeared Odhiambo was injured when he was hit during a Colts interception return; he was tended to by team medical staff at the time, but returned to the game and wound up playing every snap.

Seattle Seahawks OT Rees Odhiambo was injured on Sunday. (AP)
Seattle Seahawks OT Rees Odhiambo was injured on Sunday. (AP)

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told Seattle radio station ESPN 710 on Monday that it did not appear to be a hard hit at the time.

“He had a response, he got hit in the chest on the interception return [by the Colts’ Malik Hooker in the third quarter] and it wasn’t a violent hit but the guy must have caught him just right with the shoulder and it knocked the wind out of him,” Carroll said. “That’s what happened on the field and he had trouble really breathing through the game but he made it — it was OK. But in the locker room it just exacerbated so we took all the precautions and made sure we looked after him.”

NFL Network and ESPN, each citing a source, reported that doctors believe Odhiambo, a second-year player from Boise State, suffered a cardiac contusion – a bruise to his heart – and sternum injury.

Cardiac contusions usually occur after blunt force to the chest, and is not uncommon in those who are in car accidents.

Odhiambo’s injury is the scariest, but not the only one the Seahawks suffered in the win against Indianapolis. Rookie running back Chris Carson suffered a broken bone in his leg and possibly a high ankle sprain, Carroll said. Immediately after the game, Carroll told reporters Carson’s injury was “significant” but X-rays done on his ankle were fine. But the break is further up, near his knee.

It is unclear how much time Carson and Odhiambo will miss.

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