Should the Seahawks be looking to trade DK Metcalf? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

Matt Harmon is joined by ESPN's Jordan Reid to discuss whether the Seattle Seahawks should take advantage of the current WR market and trade DK Metcalf, along with some potential destinations.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Do you want to pay top of the market money to Davante Adams, who's I think, unquestionably the best receiver in football? Like he has no holes in his game. He's a flawless player he would make every team better. Or do you want to hunt for depth in the NFL draft? And maybe both things can be right in this way. JORDAN REID: I have a question for you too. Just because I think this is something that a lot of people aren't talking about right now, that I think is coming up that I think is really going to get interesting. DK Metcalf in Seattle. Seattle is going through a rebuild right now. He's entering the final year of his deal. He was a second round pick so they're not able to go through the whole fifth year option with him. I would entertain a trade if I was Seattle. Just because you're going through that phase of, do you pay him? And now wide receivers are going for what? Tyreek got $30 million a year or $20 million a year I believe it was? MATT HARMON: Close, yeah. JORDAN REID: Yeah, yeah. Close to $20 million a year. And, is DK going to be happy in that offense with Drew Lock? He's going to get a lot of targets. But is he going to get the yards? I don't know just because they're not going to have consistency with the quarterback situation. Even if they do take a rookie, is he going to get acclimated quick enough to make DK happy? So I just want your thoughts on that just because I think that's something that's not talked about a lot. And it could have huge fantasy implications as well. MATT HARMON: It's perfect that you bring that up. Because at the NFL owners meetings this week, that's been sort of a topic of conversation. Because the biggest thing that people are glomming onto is the fact that John Schneider and Pete Carroll used the word they intend to keep DK Metcalf. They said the same damn thing at the combine. We intend to keep Russell Wilson. That's their intent. So people have glommed on to that. Also just the fact that Schneider was pretty openly like, I think he actually used the word, wow. When he started it when he was answering questions from reporters about Davante Adams, about Tyreek Hill. And yeah, no. I could see them potentially wanting to make that move. Lockett is already on a deal that they could potentially look to trade away. I mean it's tough to-- frankly, it's hard to be surprised, right? Like if DK Metcalf gets dealt at this point, if you had said to me a month ago, hey, buddy. Tyreek Hill is going to be on the Dolphins and Davante Adams is going to be on the Raiders. I'd be like, shut up. No he's not. That's not happening. But so like we should be open mind to anything. Given the age of DK Metcalf I think it would be slightly more surprising, given the other two guys there. But if you're a team like Green Bay, if you're a team like Kansas City and you have an extra first round pick, I know that it would be kind of odd to go outside your building, pay that big money to a guy that when you just kind of balked at paying the big money to players you know and have been in your building. But it would make a ton of sense. Also the Jets. I mean that has been like a huge connection point there, which, look you drop DK Metcalf on that offense, I don't know about you. I'm a huge Elijah Moore fan. I think he could be-- I think he could be a number one receiver. Now you have potentially two number ones. And Corey Davis is like a solid veteran guy too. Now it's like you're kind of cooking there for Zach Wilson. JORDAN REID: Yeah it's going to be really interesting to watch what happens with that situation. So that was just a question I wanted to float out there. MATT HARMON: Well and I appreciate you bringing it up. Because there's one thing I hate is great receivers going into the quarterback wilderness. And while we are so happy that Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy and Tim Patrick, these guys that are great players, they're exiting quarterback wilderness, coming on the one ramp, it's Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf. So if we can get either of those guys out of Seattle, I'm cool with it.