Seahawks fans share reactions on Twitter to the end of the 2023 season

These Seahawks are not quite who we thought they were. Heading into the 2023 NFL campaign we projected an 11-6 record during the regular season. Early on it became clear that they had the potential to reach that mark. At midseason they were 5-2 and looked like they could at least compete with the brutal strech of opponents that began in Week 9 against the Ravens. As it turned out, this team was indeed talented but also severely mismanaged, fundamentally flawed and nowhere near as good as Super Bowl contenders like Baltimore and the division rival 49ers.

Along the way, the team lost several other games that they could have won – including a back-breaking defeat at the hands of the Los Angeles Rams, an unlucky finish against the Cowboys and a brutally embarrassing failure against the Steelers last week. Penalties, poor tackling and questionable coaching decisions plagued the team at different times throughout the season, resulting in a disappointing 9-8 finish and missing out on the playoffs for just the fourth time in the Pete Carroll era.

Speaking of the face of the franchise, a lot of fans seem eager to move on from Carroll this offseason. Others will support him no matter what, and some are just happy to be along for the ride. Here’s what the 12s are tweeting following their team’s season-ending win on Sunday.

Story originally appeared on Seahawks Wire