Seahawks fans savage for this ice-cold take on the Russell Wilson trade

During an NFL offseason there are always surprises. Some teams who were expected to be bad go on unexpected runs, while others with lofty goals sometimes fall flat on their faces in dramatic fashion. The 2022 season was no different. There were plenty of surprises throughout the league, but none was more shocking than how the Russell Wilson trade affected the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks.

Many expected the Seahawks to have a poor year, while Denver would potentially compete for a Super Bowl. Instead, the Seahawks finished with a winning record and made the playoffs. Meanwhile, the Broncos cratered to 5-12 and Russell Wilson as a bottom-five quarterback.

Seattle won the trade to a ridiculous degree and their fans are happy to let everyone know it. The 12th Man is in a “take no prisoners” mentality, and that includes even going after a tweet from regarding the Russell Wilson trade.

While hardly a controversial opinion at the time of the trade, it certainly has not aged well.


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Story originally appeared on Seahawks Wire