Seahawks fans are masterfully trolling this 49ers long snapper on Twitter

The Seahawks missed out on the playoffs this year, but fans did get a pretty satisfying consolation prize at the end of the season. Their most bitter rivals, the 49ers advanced all the way to the Super Bowl only to blow a 10-point lead to Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs again and lose in overtime. For an encore, head coach Kyle Shanahan has fired their defensive coordinator Steve Wilks, who was the only assistant who actually did his job well the whole season, including the Super Bowl.

The meltdown even extends to their special teams unit, which got destroyed by Kansas City on Sunday night. Now, their extremely online long snapper is busy tweeting through it. Earlier this week he shared this sad post complaining about Seahawks fans talking trash to him, taking a swipe at Eagles fans along the way.

We’ll give you three guesses for what happened next, but odds are you’re only going to need one. Seattle, Philly and other random fans around the NFL are rallying to dunk on Pepper in his mentions. Here are some of our favorite replies.

Story originally appeared on Seahawks Wire