SDSU football debuts new offensive identity at AztecFast Showcase

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Ever since the hiring of San Diego State football’s first year head coach Sean Lewis, it has been no secret that he has been more than ready to have the team turn a new leaf and unveil a new “fast” identity.

Out at Snapdragon Stadium, Lewis and the Aztecs were able to give fans their first glimpse at the upbeat no huddle way of playing. A stark contrast to years past.

“Day 1 when we were out there it looked like we were sitting in the school zone..and today you know we’re kind of on the 15 and now hopefully by the time we get to the season we are on the Autobahn and we can roll a little bit,” Sean Lewis when describing his impressions of the day.

More importantly the quarterback competition was able to be put on display today.

AJ Duffy getting go’s with the 1’s. Florida State transfer Duffy throwing (unofficially) 7/11, 112 yds, and 2 touchdowns on the day.

Tupou’ata-Johnson taking the field after Duffy. Johnson throwing 6/11, 69 yds, and 1 touchdown.

True freshman Danny O’Neil throwing 2/6, 15 yds, and 1 interception.

Sophomore Kyle Crum throwing 5/7, 36 yds, and 1 touchdown.

When asked about O’Neil and Duffy, Coach Lewis saying, “The two of them are a little bit ahead of the rest of the pack right now and they’ve been the most consistent through it.. again still lots of room for them to grow and if they move through, but they’ve grasped everything as quick as anyone in the room and are able to process the information faster than anyone and they’ve got good arm talent to put it all together.”

Aztecs season opener is slated for August 31 against Texas A&M-Commerce.

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