Scouting Reports: Shawn Preston, Christian Jones, Jaylon Thomas

Nicholas Petrucelli, Staff
The Hill Topics

Shawn Preston, a three star safety in the 2018 class, has narrowed down his list to eight schools and SMU has made the cut. Other schools still on his list include Texas Tech, Memphis, Arizona, Purdue, Louisiana Tech, Missouri State and Vanderbilt. Preston currently attends St. James High School in Louisiana and was a big time playmaker for the team. He had 20 solo tackles and 25 assisted tackles. He also recorded four interceptions and two touchdowns for St. James.

Preston runs a 4.6 40-yard dash, stands at 6-foot-1, and weighs a solid 200 pounds. Preston can play either strong or free safety, but is best at the latter. His best attribute is his athleticism, which allows him to undercut receivers, and either breaks up the play, or turn the ball over for his team. Preston also has a knack for seeking out the ball, and making the tackle. He can get off blocks and make open field tackles, and stop the play.

Christian Jones, a three star defensive end, committed to SMU on Friday. The addition of Jones should be a big pick up for the Mustangs growing defense. He is a large defensive end from Cypress Woods High School standing at 6 foot 5 and weighing 235 pounds and is able to bully offensive linemen with his size and strength. Watching Jones, you can also see he is a mature lineman, using his hands well to get past offensive lineman. When he needs to he can drop off into the flats and cover bubbles and screens, making him versatile prospect. The aggressive defensive end should be able to come in and make a difference for the Mustang’s in his first couple of seasons on the Hilltop.

Jaylon Thomas has verbally committed to SMU, and is going to add some more firepower to the Mustangs in the trenches. Out of Lubbock, Thomas is a rock for Coronado High School’s offensive line. Standing at a tall 6-foot-5, and weighing 268 pounds, Thomas is a hard man to get around. With strong hands, and quick feet, Thomas can get low, and keep everything in front of him. He can take defensive ends out of the play completely, leaving his side wide open for running backs to take big chunks of yards. Thomas size will help him at the next level, and if he keeps developing, he could be a good player for the Mustangs to utilize on the offensive line.

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