Scott Hovis reflects on Missouri Golf Association’s 15 years of progress

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When Scott Hovis came to the Missouri Golf Association in 2006, the association had just eight annual events. Fifteen years later, the MGA’s executive director can reflect on the growth of more than 50 events a year, bringing the game he loves to more Missourians of all ages and backgrounds.

“We have brought a lot of new opportunities to the association from when I came in 15 years ago,” Hovis said. “We’ve started a 16 [event] one-day senior series tour and a junior tour that has 12 one-day events throughout the state of Missouri. We have also merged with the Missouri Women’s Golf Association.

“We give opportunities to everyone – no matter your background or ability level,” Hovis continued. “I feel like we do a great job of making sure everyone feels at home and feels comfortable playing in our championships so that they have the opportunity to enjoy the game of golf, meet new people and have a great time playing this lifetime sport.”

Hovis came into the association as the junior golf director and within a year was promoted to executive director, a role he has held the last 14 years.

The goals Hovis is bringing to the association are clear: “Our mission is to promote the best interests and true spirit of the game of golf throughout the state of Missouri.”

As a Missouri native and golf enthusiast, Hovis embraces his role to give back to the game in his home state.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without golf, so I’ve always wanted to give back to the game since it’s given me so much,” Hovis said. “I want to give people in my home state the same opportunities to enjoy the game as much as I have.”

One event he takes tremendous pride in is the parent-child championship, which the MGA started 14 years ago. It’s an event that clearly holds a special place in Hovis’ heart.

“Seeing the relationships between the mothers and fathers playing with their children is special,” he said.

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