A School Calls the Police on 6-year-old for Making a Finger Gun

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A Pennsylvania mom is publically criticizing her local school board . after their 6-year-old daughter was allegedly reported to the police for “threatening” a teacher. Maggie Gaines said her daughter Margot, who has Down syndrome, was in her kindergarten class last November . when she made a gun shape with her finger. Margot then pointed the finger at her teacher and said, “I shoot you”. The 6-year-old was then taken to the principal’s office, where, according to Gaines, the teacher realized Margot did not intend to threaten anyone. Still, in accordance with the school district’s “threat assessment” policy, administrators called the police. The mom went public with her story in January, openly criticizing the administrators for overreacting. Gaines and her family are now appealing the district’s policies. Pennsylvania state senator Andrew Dinniman has joined the family’s cause, speaking publicly in support of a change in the rules. the School District said it has heard Gaines’ concerns, adding that it created its current policy with many groups in mind

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