Scenes from the 2010 rookie photo shoot

On Tuesday morning the 2010 rookie class met twenty floors below sea level in a bunker to have their pictures taken. These are some of the results...

The biggest hit of the session were these stop motion-y, frame-by-frame montages shot by Jesse D. Garrabrant. As you can see in this off-the-glass dunk by John Wall(notes), when done correctly these images are amazing. Like seriously, wow. Very awesome.

Unfortunately, not all of these ended up so perfect.

Sure, some people like the New Orleans Hornets' Quincy Pondexter(notes) were able to pull off some pretty stunning moves.

But not everyone was so lucky.

Really, Luke Babbitt(notes)? That's the closest you could come to throwing it down? So bad. From the baseball-throwing motion to the closed eyes in the last frame to falling a good three feet short of the hoop, this is a classic goof.

The San Antonio Spurs' James Anderson(notes) wasn't much better.

Perfect. A layup, no-look pass, just standing there and a flat-footed 14-foot "jumper" — just an excellent action shot that really shows off Anderson's talents. No wonder the Spurs were so crazy for him.

Probably the silliest set of pictures were the basketball-smashing photos, which Luke Babbitt once again totally nailed.

Adequately goofy and ferocious. This is how these pictures should go.

But sometimes they end up wrong. Way wrong.

Jordan Crawford(notes) is too happy.

Xavier Henry(notes) is waaaaaaaaaaay too happy.

Derrick Favors(notes) is too constipated.

Ed Davis(notes) is too confused about what emotion to portray so he just combined all of them.

Greivis Vasquez(notes) is too fauxhawk-y.

Hassan Whiteside(notes) is too whatever you call that face that he's doing.

Nonetheless, these portraits confirmed a lot of what we thought we knew about the incoming rookie class.

For instance...

Luke Harangody(notes) is very awkward.

Like, the most awkward ever.

And he ain't fooling anybody about his athleticism. Probably going to come up just a tad short on that attempt, Luke Babbitt-style.

Another thing confirmed by these photos — Dexter Pittman(notes) is still very big.

So big they couldn't find official Heat shorts to fit him. Bigness, confirmed.

Also confirmed — Cole Aldrich(notes) had never been on a trampoline prior to this photo shoot.

"Whooooooooa! Check out how high I jumped!"

Last, but not least, these pictures happened:

Niiiiiiiiiice. Especially you, Awkward Luke with your Toby Flenderson face and A.C. Slater chair.

Another year, another collection of amazing photographs. Can't wait till next year!