Scamacca ‘happy to play for the team’ with Italy

Scamacca ‘happy to play for the team’ with Italy
Scamacca ‘happy to play for the team’ with Italy

Gianluca Scamacca insists he does not need goals to give him confidence for Italy and is ‘happy to play for the team,’ but still has a jokey argument with Davide Frattesi.

It was Frattesi who scored the only goal in this evening’s 1-0 friendly win over Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Stadio Castellani in Empoli, on a Federico Chiesa assist.

Scamacca had missed the 0-0 draw with Turkey on Tuesday, as he only finished Atalanta’s extraordinary season on June 2, and looked a little rusty when forcing several saves tonight.

“I had a few attempts, we created chances and we need more for the very important, wonderful and prestigious tournament that is coming up,” Scamacca told Sky Sport Italia.

Did he worry that his confidence might be hit by failing to find the net in this friendly?

“I do not need to score in order to feel like myself. I am happy to play for the team, as an assist to send someone clear is just as good for me.

“We need to improve, as we are a young team, quite new and everyone is accustomed to doing different things, but I saw some positive signs today.”

It is a very different Azzurri side to the one that won EURO 2020, but still going out to Germany as reigning Champions of Europe.

“We are Italy, we must put our qualities and team spirit onto the pitch. This is a knockout tournament and anything is possible. I am not first choice, thank goodness, I am part of the squad going to Germany and I am very happy.”

Scamacca and Frattesi mock argument

Frattesi and Scamacca, both Romans, joked after the match that the striker had aimed some swearwords in the midfielder’s direction after wasting an opportunity with a heavy first touch.

“I sent him clear twice, he didn’t give me an assist, of course I swore at him! I’m joking…”

Frattesi for his part played along and said Scamacca “was quite right to insult me and I would’ve done the same in his position.”