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On this Bastille Day it was a Brit who had the biggest celebration in France. And it left many cycling fans feeling cold.

After winning today's 10th stage at the Tour de France (as expected), British cyclist Mark Cavendish crossed the finish line as he was taking off his glasses in a manner that appeared to be more taunting than celebratory.


The new Oakley shades were given to Cavendish recently and he said he wanted to get a green jersey to match their color. Or maybe he wanted to look at all the riders in his rear view. Or maybe he was simply looking in the glasses to see his reflection, as Mark Cavendish always seems to be quite impressed with himself, but for good reason.

This is the third stage win in the 2009 Tour de France by the sprint specialist and seventh overall, thus putting him one off the record for a British rider (held by Barry Hoban). 

Cavendish has cultivated his reputation as a so-called "bad boy" of cycling with antics like this in the past. Last year Cavendish earned the enmity of Mario Cipollini by racing past him with one foot off the pedal. And in the Giro d'Italia, an Italian sprinter called Cavendish "disrespectful".

Fans were equally as amused by Cavendish's antics today. A majority of the comments left on the cycling blog Podium Cafe after the stage were anti-Cavendish, including a few that came up with interesting acronyms for his nickname "Cav". The general consensus: Cavendish is too cocky for his own good. But, unlike others, at least Cavendish can back it up on the bike.

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