Save yourself a trip to the salon with these at home manicure tips

These press ons are quick and come with classic designs

Video Transcript

- Hey, there. I'm Melanie, and welcome to "In the Know-- Make Me Up." Today, we're talking all about the alternatives to going to the salon to get a manicure. Let's go ahead and dive in with some of my favorites. We're going to start with the press ons. So we're going to pull out the Nails of LA. There are 24 nails in here total. And so we've got a little cuticle pusher right here. I'm going to go ahead and just gently push back my cuticle. Take a little alcohol and a little cotton pad.

I'm just going to put this on to the cotton pad. We're going to use it to wipe down the nail, to make sure there's no extra product or anything on it. What we're going to do now is we're going to take the little buffer and we're just going to shape them how you like. The key to getting a shape that you really love is actually taking that file. OK, so we've got our nail. We're going to go ahead and just file.

And what I like to do is, I like to put a little bit of glue on the individual nail, and then a little glue on the artificial nail. And I feel like that really helps to seal it in. We're going to put this right on. And it's time to do a little nail wrap. This is the one I'm using-- Nails, Meet Modern Art. So I'm going to go ahead and peel that.

So we're going to go ahead and pop this right on top, and we're just going to file off those edges. So I like to pull it, and we're going to file this from underneath. All right, we're almost there. And she's done. I'm Melanie, and this has been "In the Know-- Make Me Up." We will see you next time. Team palm tree? No? Maybe I should just put more on.