SAVAGERY Index: Kevin Durant reads a Twitter troll for filth

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Kevin Durant

Welcome to the Yahoo Sports SAVAGERY Index, wherein we compile the burns, disses and slights from all over the sports spectrum and rate them with an easy-to-follow scale from Tim Duncan (milquetoast and inoffensive, almost to a fault) to Conor McGregor (ABSOLUTELY SAVAGE).

Alleged savagery: Kevin Durant is at it again, burns Twitter troll to a crisp

Since winning his first NBA title, Kevin Durant has revived his long-dormant, hilarious Twitter personality, and for that we should all be thankful. Durant has spent a decent portion of his summer fighting trolls of all sorts and this week, he absolutely annihilated poor Twitter user @__ballas__, who dared to call the 2017 NBA MVP “soft.” Durant went with a tried and true method of online savagery, going straight for the avatar.

Ouch. Regardless of how you feel about the Warriors, if this is what it took to get KD back on Twitter, it was well worth it.

Our rating: KD earns a cackling McGregor 

Alleged savagery: Clemson’s marching band trolls Ohio State

Welcome back, college football. We missed you.

Defending national champion Clemson opened up its 2017 campaign with a 56-3 rout of Kent State at home, but the fiercest hit dished out by the Tigers came at the expense of Ohio State. At halftime, Clemson’s marching band lined up to spell 31-0, in reference to Dabo Swinney’s squad’s Fiesta Bowl thrashing of the Buckeyes en route to the title game. Now, normally, it’s unbecoming to live in the past, but when you stun Alabama for a national title, you get a pass.

Our rating: Too bad you weren’t actually playing Ohio State. A smiling Draymond. 

Alleged savagery: The Bulls are getting ‘Garred’

To have your surname become a verb, one of two things needs to happen: You either do something very, very good, or you do something (or things) very, very poorly. This is a tale about the latter category. An anonymous Bulls employee recently vented to the Chicago Sun-Times about injured guard Cameron Payne, the only player left from a trade deadline deal GM Gar Forman swung that shipped Taj Gibson, Doug McDermott and a 2018 draft pick out of Chicago.

[PQ] “We knew from the second practice he couldn’t play at (the NBA) level. … We got ‘Garred’ on that one.” Woof.

Suggested rating (Duncan, Belichick, Draymond, McGregor)

Our rating: That is one sourly frowning Belichick.

Gar Forman savagery
Gar Forman savagery

Alleged savagery: Cuban’s fire comeback for CJ McCollum

Kevin Durant’s not the only elite NBA Twitter personality. Trail Blazers guard C.J. McCollum, who owns perhaps the most savage NBA Twitter diss of all time, has been passing the offseason with an amazing weekly “C.J. Victims Unit” highlight series.

The Mavericks served as this week’s victims, and owner Mark Cuban took notice.

Point, Cuban.

Our rating: Though McCollum did have a couple of forgettable outings against Dallas this year, at least his team made the playoffs. This burn earns a scowling Belichick.

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