Sauce Gardner addresses comment he made about Jewish people

Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner has addressed comments he recently made about Jewish people.

In a livestream, Adin Ross (who is Jewish) was discussing his purchase of a Tesla Cybertruck. Said Gardner (via, "Y’all run the world. They got so much motion throughout the whole world. . . . Y'all gotta see how they be walking in the airport."

Gardner responded to criticism he received for the remark in a Tuesday post on X.

"I love all people," Gardner said "While my intentions were positive, I just learned that people use those exact words I shared for hate towards Jewish people. That is not what I am about and I appreciate those who took the time to educate me on that fact."

Ross defended Gardner. "You did and said nothing wrong[,] you said Jews run the world in a good way which is true," Ross said.

Gardner handled it the right way. He wasn't aware of the potential connotation. He became aware of it, and he addressed it.