SATURDAY PREP ROUNDUP: Hatchets finish second at Central SETember Fest Volleyball Tournament; St. Anthony runner Keller wins St. Joseph-Ogden Spartan Classic

Sep. 24—CHAMPAIGN — Competition was needed.

The Windsor/Stewardson-Strasburg received just that over the weekend at the Champaign (Central) SETember Fest Volleyball Tournament.

The Hatchets (15-4) went 4-1 in the two-day event, finishing runner-up to Oswego after losing in the championship match of the gold bracket in three sets. Windsor lost the first set 20-25, won the second 25-17 and lost the third 17-25.

Ella Kinkelaar had one ace, one kill, 30 assists and six digs. Gabby Vonderheide had seven kills, eight digs and one block. Halle Moomaw had two aces, 16 kills, two digs and two blocks. Kinley Quast had three aces and five digs. Samantha Hayes had three kills, one dig and one block. Ainslie Eident had three aces and one dig. Ellie Wittenberg had one kill, two digs and two blocks. Anna Albert had one ace and Mya Friese had four kills, two digs and one block.

"I was excited to be able to come up here and play the bigger teams because we need the competition," head coach Ronda Schlechte said. "We don't get the big, strong teams unless we have the tournaments."

The Hatchets won the first match of the second day of action in two sets over Washington. Windsor won the first 25-18 and the second 25-21.

Kinkelaar had four aces, one kill, 26 assists and five digs. Vonderheide had 12 kills, one assist and seven digs. Moomaw had 12 kills and two blocks. Quast had one assist and 12 digs. Hayes had two kills and one block. Eident had five digs. Wittenberg had one kill and two digs. Albert had three digs and Friese had three kills and one block.

The Hatchets then defeated Champaign (St. Thomas More) in two sets, winning the first 25-22 and the second 25-13.

Kinkelaar had one ace, three kills, 17 assists, four digs and one block. Vonderheide had three kills, nine digs and one block. Moomaw had 11 kills, three digs and four blocks. Quast had three aces, two assists and four digs. Hayes had two kills and three blocks. Eident had three aces and three digs. Wittenberg had two blocks. Albert had one ace and five digs and Friese had three kills, one assist, two digs and one block.

Quast and Moomaw earned all-tournament team honors afterward.

"Kinley was all over the floor this weekend," said Schlechte of Quast. "She's awesome and does such a good job. I pretty much give her full reign."

"Sometimes, I have to get in her face to hit the ball harder and usually, she can pull through," said Schlechte of Moomaw. "Up against these big teams, she's really working hard on hitting around them. She's the force of our team."

St. Elmo/Brownstown at Bluford (Webber) Tournament

The St. Elmo/Brownstown Eagles competed at the Bluford (Webber) Tournament on Saturday.

St. Elmo (6-14) went 1-2, defeating Galatia in two sets and falling to Bluford (Webber) in three and Cobden in two.

In the first match, the Eagles won the first set 25-22 and the second 25-10.

Anna Stine had three kills and five digs. Presley Williams had two kills. Peyton Garrard had two kills, three aces, six digs and one assist. Kinley Carson had two kills, three digs and three assists. Macie Gammon had one kill and one ace. Addie Sasse had one kill, five aces, one block, one dig and seven assists and Abbi Ledbetter had one kill, one block and two digs.

In the second match, St. Elmo lost the first set 19-25, won the second 25-18 and lost the third 8-15.

Stine had six kills, one ace and three digs. Sasse had three kills, one block and five digs. Ledbetter had three kills, two aces and two digs. Carson had one kill and five digs. Williams had one kill and one dig. Gammon had one ace and one dig. Garrard had one ace and three digs. Cordelia Lytle had four digs. Emma McNabb had three digs and Jaide Wilhour had one dig.

Lastly, in the third match, the Eagles lost the first set 16-25 and the second 19-25.

Sasse had four kills, two digs and four assists. Carson had two kills, five digs and four assists. Ledbetter had two kills and one dig. Stine had one kill and three digs. Gammon had one kill and two digs. Williams had one kill. Garrard had one ace and five digs. Lytle had five digs and McNabb had three digs.


Effingham 6, Robinson 0

The Effingham Flaming Hearts defeated Robinson on Saturday, 6-0.

Camilo Aden had two goals. Maicol Sefton, Andrew Wagoner and Gage Kinder all had one and one assist. Jake Niebrugge had one goal. Sebastian Simoni had one assist and Xander Marler had three saves for Effingham (11-3).

Pana 4, Effingham (St. Anthony) 1

The St. Anthony Bulldogs fell to Pana on Saturday, 4-1.

St. Anthony fell to 1-8 with the loss.

There was no further information provided.

Teutopolis 5, Trenton (Wesclin) 0

The Teutopolis Wooden Shoes defeated Trenton (Wesclin) on Saturday, 5-0.

Ethan Thoele scored two goals for Teutopolis (11-1) and Gavin Runde, Josh Habing and Evan Waldhoff had one.

Copper Tegeler had two assists and Joey Niebrugge, Thoele and Habing had one.

Champaign (Centennial) 3, Newton 2

The Newton Eagles fell to Champaign (Centennial) on Saturday, 3-2.

Newton fell to 9-3 with the loss.

There was no further information provided.


Teutopolis 2, Farina (South Central) 0

The Teutopolis Wooden Shoes defeated the South Central Cougars on Saturday, 2-0.

Mick Niebrugge went 1-for-3 with one RBI. Brett Kreke went 1-for-2 with one RBI and Zac Niebrugge went 1-for-2.

Gavin Addis and Davin Worman pitched for Teutopolis (17-3). Addis allowed six hits and one walk to four strikeouts in five innings; Worman allowed one hit and two walks to one strikeout in two innings.

For South Central (13-7), Zane Montes went 3-for-4. Trevan Sidwell went 1-for-4. Colton Smith went 1-for-4. Callaway Smith went 1-for-2 with one walk and Max Magnus went 1-for-3.

Brody Markley pitched for the Cougars. He allowed three hits, two runs and two walks to nine strikeouts in six innings.

Altamont 9, Neoga 2

The Altamont Indians defeated the Neoga Indians on Saturday, 9-2.

Nathan Stuemke went 1-for-1 with one double, one run and three walks. Dillan Elam went 2-for-3 with one run, two RBIs and one walk. Keegan Schultz went 1-for-2 with one home run, one run, two RBIs and one walk. Ethan Robbins went 1-for-3 with one double and one run and Kaden Davis went 1-for-4 with one double and two RBIs.

Eli Miller, Kade Milleville and Kaidyn Miller pitched for Altamont (14-5). Eli allowed one hit, one run and three walks to three strikeouts in two innings; Milleville allowed six strikeouts in four innings and Kaidyn allowed one run and three walks to two strikeouts in one inning.

As for Neoga (3-14), Trey Sheehan went 1-for-2 with one double, two runs and one walk.

Brock Lanham, Riley Durdel and Carter Young pitched for Neoga. Lanham allowed two hits, two unearned runs and two walks to two strikeouts; Durdel allowed two hits, five runs and five walks to one strikeout and Young allowed two hits, two runs (one earned) and one walk to one strikeout in 1 1/3 innings.

Beecher City/Cowden-Herrick 6, Brownstown/St. Elmo 2

The Beecher City Bobcats defeated the Brownstown/St. Elmo Bombers in the Egyptian Illini Conference Finals at Greenville University on Saturday, 6-2.

AJ Radloff went 1-for-2. Gage Lorton went 1-for-1. Kyle Lamb went 1-for-2 and Conner Nowitzke went 1-for-3.

Radloff pitched for Beecher City. He allowed two runs, two hits and three walks to seven strikeouts in seven innings.

For Brownstown (6-12), Adam Atwood went 1-for-3. Lane Stine had one RBI and Dodge Willms went 1-for-3 with one RBI.

Atwood pitched for the Bombers. He allowed six runs, four hits and two walks to seven strikeouts in 5 1/3 innings.


St. Joseph-Ogden Spartan Classic

St. Anthony, Teutopolis, Cumberland County and Cowden-Herrick/Beecher City were four of the 22 teams that competed at the St. Joseph-Ogden Spartan Classic on Saturday.

St. Anthony finished fifth with 189 points; Cumberland County was 19th with 433 and Teutopolis was 21st with 522.

For St. Anthony, Isabella Keller won at 15:58.75. Aubrey Denning was 17th at 19:05.08. Stacie Vonderheide was 28th at 19:40.66. Emma Helmink was 42nd at 20:32.39 and Ava Faber was 112th at 24:25.45.

For Cumberland County, Libby McGinnis was 75th at 22:15.24. Lexie Fletcher was 76th at 22:15.66. Addison Mast was 80th at 22:34.84. Annie Clark was 108th at 24:06.81. Atalie Osborn was 121st at 24:48.83. Natalie Beaumont was 129th at 25:43.10 and Megan Baker was 136th at 27:51.24.

Lastly, for Teutopolis, Mary Jane Dennis was 95th at 23:08.35. Pearl Huber was 103rd at 23:47.21. Ella Neihls was 109th at 24:11.91. Elaina Gaffin was 119th at 24:40.08. Claire Overbeck was 134th at 27:11.32 and Maddie Zane was 137th at 27:54.18.

On the boys side, Cumberland finished ninth with 292 points. St. Anthony was 13th with 331 and Teutopolis was 22nd with 583.

For Cumberland, Cameron Roedl was 22nd at 16:13.19. Riley Morgan was 40th at 16:46.28. Kaleb Bierman was 50th at 17:01.11. Kade Bradley was 82nd at 17:54.94. Zack Buescher was 112th at 18:58.95. Cole Margenthaler was 114th at 19:02.51 and Maximus Strader was 120th at 19:19.87.

For St. Anthony, Julius Ramos was 38th at 16:41.71. Aidan Braunecker was 44th at 16:52.85. Noah Flaig was 77th at 17:50.47. Oliver Kreke was 89th at 18:09.83. Elliot Frisbee was 100th at 18:44.54. James Emmerich was 101st at 18:45.01 and Daniel Ramos was 129th at 19:43.67.

For Teutopolis, Oliver Lee was 97th at 18:25.11. Nicholas Waldhoff was 119th at 19:19.42. James Hughey was 124th at 19:38.43. Luke Dennis was 139th at 20:07.76 and Will Deters was 145th at 20:44.13.

Lastly, for Cowden-Herrick/Beecher City, August Cosart was 29th at 16:25.81. Griffin Vaughn was 61st at 17:13.58. Porter Lilly was 102nd at 18:49.39 and Drake Richards was 135th at 19:58.53.

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