Saoirse Ronan reveals she doesn't date, so Ellen tries to play matchmaker

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Saoirse Ronan stopped by Ellen today and revealed something quite interesting — she’s never really dated. The 23-year-old said that she’s not really into “the whole let’s-go-out-to-dinner” thing. So of course Ellen had to play matchmaker.

The young actress had to pick who she’d “rather” between two celebrities. Saoirse seemed to take the game seriously by really delving into how compatible she and the guy would be together. Let’s remember that this is a game being played on TV.

Ellen eventually hit a sweet spot with Saoirse when she gave the option of Ed Sheeran or Daniel Radcliffe. Although she wanted a third option … that being Harry Potter. Finally, at the end of the very long game, Saoirse ended not with an actor, but with musician Bruno Mars.

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